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Apocalypse Inc is comprised of MC SinSay (Colin Garchar), and engineer/producer/vocals ,Mayh3m!(Kito Denham)
The group has spent the past few years discovering themselves as artists, and developing a unique style that they can call their own. Along the way, many doors have opened up for the group, as they took a different approach to putting together music. Instead of the "write write write and release" method, SinSay needed more depth in his lyrics, prompting him to spend much more time writing songs, than the average rapper. He usually spends weeks, even months at a time, crafting every little aspect of a song. Conceptualizing ideas, and being as creative as possible when putting together lyrics.
This work ethic has brought the group much success, as they have preformed alongside local and national talent such as Blueprint, Illogic, The Lab Rats, Aesop Rock, One Be Lo, Mr Dibbs , Dave Matthews Band, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Galactic , and so on.
In 2008 Garchar (SinSay) won a song writing contest , and was handpicked over thousands of artists nationally to play at Michigan's "Rothbury Music Festival", alongsinde such acts as The Greatful Dead, Lyrics Born, Umphreys McGee, even BOB DYLAN and WILLIE NELSON!
Also in 2008, the group won an online competition to preform in front of upwards of 14,000 people at Ohio University's annual 5 fest(previously 1Fest,2Fest,3Fest and 4Fest) A festival that has brought in such talent as The Roots! The set went so well that they were invited back in 2009, the following year, to play 6Fest!
A midwest tour with Bru Lei, and Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers) was to follow, along with tons of local shows , including several appearances with Columbus Heavyweights Blueprint and Illogic , otherwise known as GREENHOUSE.
In 2010 The group teamed up with local producer NOSHESS, and joined "The Initiative Records" Alongside Eclypse(Spitball), Alleyes Path, Werdplay, and Jay Prodigal(to name a few) The Creative Process was second nature among the Initiative family. Long nights recording in Alleyes Path member, Jared Young's bedroom, and Mayh3m!'s "Makeshift Studios" brought upon the groups first major release, and so was born, "The Groundscore" After much success from the group's freshman release,"The Groundscore", Garchar (SinSay) was able to quit his job selling cell phones, to pursue his true calling, a career in music. Around this time, Garchar met Copywrite, a legend not only in Ohio, but around the entire world. Copywrite (Pete Nelson) Took a liking to Garchar, his work ethic, and music. Copywrite soon took Garchar under his wing and has been Garchar's mentor ever since, doing shows together in Columbus, as well as out of town venues. Work ethic, excitement, creativity, and innovative ideas were flowing like the Falls of Niagra. Garchar decided not to stall, and to immediately start a new record. He began to gravitate towards electronic music. One night, while hanging out with Denver, Colorado Electronic DJ Extrordinaire, Pretty Lights (Derek Vincent Smith), Garchar approached Smith and talked about collaborating on an Apocalypse Inc Vs. Pretty Lights project. After hearing Garchar's music, Smith graciously accepted. Garchar immediately started working on a remix project with Pretty Lights. Garchar spent countless hours picking appropriate production, arranging, remixing, conceptualizing, writing, engineering, mixing, and mastering the entire project himself. In January of 2012, the group released their sophomore project "Apocalypse Inc Vs. Pretty Lights : Future Science", a free album distributed through a website called "Bandcamp" and can be downloaded for FREE here: apocalypseinc.bandcamp.com/album/future-science .. The project features collaborations with the Columbus ledgend "Copywrite", "DJ Drastic" and "ElementRhymes" (Custom Made/L.A.) The Project has garnered the group an excessive amount of attention, via media publications such as Columbus Alive, and countless blogs. With momentum rolling, and a heavy buzz circulating, 2012 is the year of the Apocalypse! Fathers, hide your daughters, Apocalypse Inc is making some serious NOISE, locally and globally, more than ever before!


released December 31, 2011



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Track Name: Apocalypse Inc Vs. Pretty Lights Feat. DJ Drastic - Ragin' With The Machines
listen to the whole song, its really good
Track Name: Apocalypse Inc Vs. Pretty Lights - Drug Love
deep shit yo